Stephanie Krempa

Stephanie Krempa has dedicated her life to providing a holistic approach to wellness. From a young age, she realized the importance of fueling exercise with the proper nutrition. She grew up with a very active lifestyle, participating in gymnastics, softball, waterskiing, volleyball, track and cross country. She worked toward success in distance running as her high school cross country team placed first in their State Championship for three years in a row, and went on to run at Nike Nationals in Oregon. During this time Stephanie overcame the female athlete triad, low energy availability, low bone mineral density, and menstrual disturbance. This influenced her academic path, which led her to pursue a career in both exercise and nutrition intervention. 

With a Master’s in Nutrition Science and a Bachelors in Exercise Science, along with years of experience, Stephanie understands that health needs to be approached with a total long-term and consistent outlook.

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