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Introducing The ExhilaFit® Multi-Aspect Mindfulness Meditation M.A.P. Series

The ExhilaFit Multi-Aspect Mindfulness Meditation Series

Month-Long Educational Lecture Series OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – Click Here to Register!

August 2023 – 8/2, 8/9, 8/16, 8/23

Facilitator – Rochelle White

“The ExhilaFit® Multi-Aspect Mindfulness Meditation M.A.P. Series is a mini-intensive mindfulness program that blends Mindfulness Meditation with guided inner-focus, art exercises, and journaling to develop your own Mental Health Tool Kit that will enable you to meet your own physical, emotional, and mental needs better on a daily basis.

During the workshop, you will connect with your inner voice by diving into self-reflection. You will get clarity on what’s holding you back, reaffirm your self-worth and value, identify your relationship needs, rewrite your story from a perspective of self-love, and use techniques from the workshop to make radical changes in your life.

As you finish this series, you will reshape your thinking habits, practice mental stillness for contemplation, embrace emotional self-regulation, boost your self-esteem, and incorporate self-care routines into your daily life.” 

Week 1: Mindful Awareness
BodyScan meditation with singing bowls: Awareness is the basis for living a more grounded and mindful life. We will discuss the power of attitude and do some activities that cultivate gratitude in our daily lives including a gratitude sun art exercise, journaling, and meditation. We will learn ways to train our awareness by practicing simple awareness daily by setting a Mindful Intention. 

Journal take-home exercises: Mindful Intention HandOut, Simple Awareness Calendar, Gratitude Sun, Daily Meditation Journal handout

At-home meditation for the week: Beginner Meditation Playlist

Week 2 – Reshape Your Thoughts 
Breathwork meditation with singing bowls: You will learn about the biology of your brain and how neuroplasticity impacts your thought life and behaviors. A gardening journaling activity is used to connect our thought life to that of a garden. Each seed is like a thought. We must be careful of what thoughts we nourish. There are a limited number of resources, and we learn how to be intentional about using those resources to manage our attention and attitude so that our mindset grows beautifully and is aligned with our best interests. We also test and challenge old beliefs and thoughts, replacing them with new ones by thanking the old belief system and releasing it of its duty using truth and wisdom. 

Journal take-home exercises: Brain Art, Attention-Attitude-Intention Worksheets, Transformation Worksheet, Informal Pleasant Events Calendar

At-home meditation for the week: Sitting Breathwork Meditation Playlist

Week 3 – Inner Focus 
Soothe Allow and Dissolve Meditation: Introspection (looking within and reflecting) is helpful when coping with pain and circumstances that feel outside your control. This workshop activity is around guided journaling which includes activities of creating a mental health tool kit, journaling to emotionally dump and let go, rewriting your story, developmental exercises to support a daily routine and A SWOT analysis for setting personal goal setting to reflect on where your strengths and weaknesses are. 

Journal take-home exercises: Swot Worksheet, Rewrite Your Story Guided Worksheet, Daily Development Exercise Worksheet, and Stepping Towards Journal

At-home meditation for the week: Stepping Towards Meditation Playlist (includes Ocean Meditation)

Week 4 – Mindful Compassion and Self-Care
Loving Kindness Meditation: Learn to build your home within, to compassionately meet your own needs. Self-compassion is essential to developing a strong sense of self-love, forgiveness, and happiness. Overcoming wounds from relationships like abandonment, betrayal, and neglect i.e. with compassion, reframing negative self-talk (guided journaling led with self-talk worksheet), and self-care planning. 

Journal take-home exercises: Self-Care Planning Worksheet, Build Your Home Inside Worksheet, Self-Talk Worksheet, and Daily Compassion Calendar

At-home meditation for the week: Loving Kindness Meditation Playlist