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Educational Lectures

Educational Lectures provide access to valuable information including medical, legal, financial, and other cancer specific topics. All Red Door Community lectures are free and open to members and the general public. Here is a selection of our previous lectures. For a list of upcoming lectures visit our Program Calendar.

How Do We Know When Stress Shows Up In Our Lives? 
April 26, 2021
Facilitated by
Haley Feldman, LCSW &
Migdalia Torres, LCSW-R

This lecture covers the differences between stress and anxiety – how they affect your physical and mental well being. Facilitators Haley & Migdalia also cover ways to manage both.  

Medical Cannabis: Cancer Pain Management & More
Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Facilitated by Dara Huang, M.D., Manhattan Compassionate Care.

In this lecture, Dr. Huang talks about the science and history of medical cannabis, how it differs from recreational marijuana, and when and how it can be helpful for symptom relief for patients living with cancer. However, it is still controversial and not lawful in all states. She also discusses the required administrative process to get a cannabis prescription in New York State.

BRCA Genetics and Hereditary Caner in the Ashkenazi Jewish Population
October 23, 2018
Speaker: Melissa K. Rosen, MA, Director of National Outreach & Peggy Cottrell, MS, CGC, Genetics Program Coordinator of Sharsheret

Melissa K. Rosen and Peggy Cottrell will present an overview on the BRCA genes and what it means to carry the mutation. Those of Ashkenazi Jewish descent are 10x more likely to carry the BRCA mutation. They will focus on the genetic implications among the Ashkenazi population. They will also review who should consider genetic screening and what should be considered prior to screening as well.

Exercise After Mastectomy
December 8, 2021; 1:30-3pm
Facilitator: Julie Sandler-Friedman, PT, DPT

This lecture and demonstration will review the evidence-based timeline for exercise from directly after mastectomy to 6 months and beyond. Julie will discuss physical improvements that can be achieved, even long after mastectomy, as well as pre-op exercising.  Participants will have the opportunity to try various movement exercises.  Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, and be prepared to move!

Health, Happiness & the Holidays    December 14, 2021; 1:30-3pm
Facilitator: Melissa K. Rosen, Director of Training and Education, Sharsheret

Coping with a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and cancer tries to take so much from us. We must do all we can to preserve the activities, the special days, and the celebrations that bring us happiness. Join Melissa K. Rosen, Director of Training and Education at Sharsheret, to learn how to appreciate everyday moments and special occasions, and celebrate the holidays joyfully, despite anxiety and exhaustion

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