Educational Lectures

Educational Lectures provide access to valuable information including medical, legal, financial, and other cancer specific topics. All Red Door Community lectures are free and open to members and the general public. Here is a selection of our previous lectures. For a list of upcoming lectures visit our Program Calendar.

Body Image, Intimacy, & Sexual Dysfunction with Reclaiming Intimacy
July 19, 2022
Facilitated by Jen Fecher

Body image changes, intimacy needs, and sexual dysfunction are all issues that may arise during your cancer journey, and into survivorship. During this webinar, we will discuss these topics, dating disclosure, holistic options on reclaiming your sexuality and lost ability & function, as well as addressing any questions you may have on intimacy or sexual wellness. Join us to empower yourself with information to reclaim your needs, desires, and function! 

Let’s Talk About Lymph
July 20, 2022
Facilitated by Julie Sandler-Friedman

The lymphatic system can seem mysterious. This lecture demonstration will serve as a de-mystifying introduction.  The following topics will be reviewed: what the lymphatic system is; lymphedema after cancer treatment (for example, after surgery and/or radiation);  various kinds of evidence-based management of, and prevention of lymphedema; and safe exercise for/with lymphedema. This presentation will include some voluntary exercise participation.

How Do We Know When Stress Shows Up In Our Lives? 
April 26, 2021
Facilitated by
Haley Feldman, LCSW &
Migdalia Torres, LCSW-R

This lecture covers the differences between stress and anxiety – how they affect your physical and mental well being. Facilitators Haley & Migdalia also cover ways to manage both.  

Medical Cannabis: Cancer Pain Management & More
Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Facilitated by Dara Huang, M.D., Manhattan Compassionate Care.

In this lecture, Dr. Huang talks about the science and history of medical cannabis, how it differs from recreational marijuana, and when and how it can be helpful for symptom relief for patients living with cancer. However, it is still controversial and not lawful in all states. She also discusses the required administrative process to get a cannabis prescription in New York State.

BRCA Genetics and Hereditary Caner in the Ashkenazi Jewish Population
October 23, 2018
Speaker: Melissa K. Rosen, MA, Director of National Outreach & Peggy Cottrell, MS, CGC, Genetics Program Coordinator of Sharsheret

Melissa K. Rosen and Peggy Cottrell will present an overview on the BRCA genes and what it means to carry the mutation. Those of Ashkenazi Jewish descent are 10x more likely to carry the BRCA mutation. They will focus on the genetic implications among the Ashkenazi population. They will also review who should consider genetic screening and what should be considered prior to screening as well.

Deconstruction Screening and Q&A
Jan 26, 2023 | 1:00 – 2:00pm

Deconstruction is a collaborative multimedia art project chronicling Joyce Mallonee’s 25-year journey with breast cancer. Conceived by Joyce two years prior to her passing in 2020 – and brought to life by her son, filmmaker Alex Mallonee, along with seven contributing artists – Deconstruction uses creativity and humor to engage and inspire cancer survivors and their loved ones about living with and honestly talking about the disease. Premiering as a physical art exhibition in January of 2020, Alex has since turned Deconstruction into a virtual art experience, the backbone of which is a thirty-five-minute documentary that shares the ideas behind each piece and Joyce’s odyssey in an unflinching but darkly comedic way. Alex hopes to expand this documentary into a feature film that highlights Joyce’s life, approach to her cancer, and how simple acts of creative expression can have a profound impact.