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Youth Program

Created to support children

Our Youth Program is specifically created to support children and teens facing a parent’s cancer diagnosis, treatment, or loss. We recognize the impact that a cancer diagnosis can have on an entire family. Red Door Community offers support specifically to meet the unique needs of children (ages 5-12) and teens (ages 13-17).

Red Door Community es amor, ayuda y compasión. Estoy muy orgulloso y feliz de ser miembro de esta comunidad especial.


Red Door Community is a family to us, definitely. It has filled, in some ways, the hole that my husband’s passing created in our lives. We never miss a group or event – we are here rain or shine.

Lilliana, Member of Adult & Family Support Programs

Once you open the Red Door you know that there are so many people like you, and it makes you feel happy … I mean, it’s crazy!

Catalina, Children & Teens Program Member

Red Door Community is so important to me because after I got cancer, I learned to love again, I learned to support again, and I learned to live again.

Julie F, Member

Red Door Community is so important to me because after I got cancer, I learned to love again, I learned to support again, and I learned to live again.

Julie, Member

Having an organization like this where the door is open, you see this Red Door and you come in and you are embraced and … immediately encouraged and your heart just smiles and knowing that you don’t have to go to find the money to be able to access such invaluable activities and programs.

Auria, Member

For Children

Our program includes our weekly support group, individual counseling, educational and interactive workshops. 

Kids Connect

Kids Connect is a weekly evening support group that offers opportunities for discussion, interactive workshops including yoga and therapy dog visits, and more. Supervised by a licensed mental health professional, Kids Connect provides a safe environment for kids to share their feelings and build support. They are scheduled at the same time as many of our adult support groups and activities, so that comprehensive support can be provided to the whole family. This program is for kids who are 5-9 years old. 

Individual Bereavement
Counseling for Youth

Red Door Community offers individual counseling sessions for children and teens who have experienced the loss of a parent to cancer. This program provides six one-on-one counseling sessions with a licensed progressional to provide critical initial support through the grieving process. This program is for children and teens who are 5-17 years old.

For Teens

Our program provides ongoing support for teens that have been touched by cancer in any way.  Our program includes Teens Connect, the Junior Associate Board (JAB), and special events to provide various opportunities for teens throughout the course of the year.

Tweens Connect

Tweens Connect is our weekly virtual support group only for kids who live with a parent diagnosed with cancer where their unique developmental issues are understood. It provides an opportunity for open discussion, socialization, and participation in fun, interactive and healthy lifestyle workshops. This program is for tweens who are 10-12 years old. 

Teens Connect

Teens Connect is our weekly support group for teens that have been touched by cancer in any way. It provides an opportunity for discussion, socialization, and various specialized workshops – all facilitated by a licensed mental health professional. This program is for teens who are 13-17 years old. 

Junior Associate
Board (JAB)

The JAB is a volunteer opportunity open to all teens looking to make a difference. The mission of this group is to promote awareness of Red Door Community, assist with social events, and provide volunteer service for teens in the community. Community service hours can be earned through all JAB activities. This program is for teens who are 13-17 years old. 

RDC Teen Get Creative Art Workshop Series

This workshop series is for Teens age 13-17 living with a loved one diagnosed with cancer or grieving the loss of a loved one to cancer. 

Whether exploring drawing techniques or creating sculptures from ordinary objects, these one-hour workshops are designed to engage, inspire, and celebrate creativity. 

Learn more & sign up here!

Special Events for Children & Teens

A number of Red Door Community social activities are offered throughout the year for children and their families including our Family Fun Nights, plus our annual Halloween and Winter Holiday celebrations. These events allow for families to socialize and bond with other families going through very similar experiences with a cancer diagnosis or loss. Our special events for children, teens and families are highly anticipated and provide a rich sense of community.

For More Information Download Our Youth Support Program Brochure 

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If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, Red Door Community is here for you.  

Our support program includes support groups, educational lectures, healthy lifestyle programs, and social events. For all those impacted by cancer and always 100% free of charge.