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Lung Cancer Screening Focus Group

Health Literacy Media (HLM), in partnership with LUNGevity, is conducting paid, virtual focus groups to gather feedback on educational materials about lung cancer screening. The goal of the focus groups is to ensure the materials resonate with Spanish speakers in the Bronx. They are looking for about 5 bilingual English-Spanish speakers to read the materials in Spanish and share their thoughts in a focus group conducted in English.  

People can take part if they are 18 years old and one or more of these describes them:  

  • Are a current or past smoker 
  • Have been exposed to a cancer-causing chemical at work, such as asbestos, arsenic, or tar 
  • Have an immediate family member with lung cancer, such as a parent, brother, or sister 
  • Have already had one lung cancer screening 

For more details & to sign up, please visit here!