Red Door Community Comes To You

Our Hospital Partner program, Red Door Community Comes to You, which provides free psychosocial support to New Yorkers living with cancer at hospital partners throughout New York City, have been conducted, on-and-off, virtually since last March.  Through our Hospital partners, we provide weekly support groups, monthly healthy lifestyle workshops and educational lectures in both English and Spanish. Our hospital partners include Ruttenberg Treatment Center and Dubin Breast Center at Mount Sinai Hospital in East Harlem, Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx and Metropolitan Hospital in Manhattan.  We are happy to announce that Mount Sinai, has allowed our cancer resource specialist, Nadia Reyes to resume in-person hospital site visits.  Nadia shares information with cancer patients about our resources and program offered at Red Door Community which enables us to reach more New Yorkers impacted by cancer, including many underserved populations at our city’s hospitals.