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Climate Change & Living with Cancer: Interview Participation

Message on Behalf of Cameron Walker of Cancer Today: I’m a writer for Cancer Today, the magazine of the American Association for Cancer Research. I’m working on a story about how climate change is affecting people with cancer, whether by directly limiting their access to treatment during catastrophic events or by impacting mental health and quality of life. The magazine goes to survivors’ groups, cancer center waiting rooms, and other places where it might reach patients and their families. (Here are two previous stories with a similar format that I’ve worked on for the magazine, one on cancer in adolescents and young adults and one on clinical trial access.)

I’ve talked with researchers who are looking at the wide-reaching effects of events like hurricanes, wildfires, and floods on people with cancer, both right where these things are happening and on people who might not have had to evacuate, but have been affected in other ways (by smoke from distant wildfires, for example). I’m hoping to also talk with people with cancer who have experienced events like these, both to learn about their experiences and to see if they might have advice or thoughts for other patients and families who might be reading this.

If this is something that you’d be willing to talk with me about for my story, that would be wonderful. I’m happy to send some questions by email, set up a Zoom call, or communicate in whatever way is easiest. I would imagine a call would be about 15 minutes (and always happy to talk more if you would like.) The magazine uses independent fact-checkers, so after the story is written and edited, they would contact you to make sure your story was being told accurately and in a way you feel comfortable with.

My email is, phone 805-729-5940. Thanks very much for reading this.

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