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Red Door Community Is Proud to Partner With Theatre Within!

Theatre Within currently provides free workshops for children, teens and adults impacted by cancer.  Since 2015, in partnership with Red Door Community – Formerly Gilda’s Club NYC, Theatre Within has provided hundreds of workshops at no cost to participants — in songwriting, art,
meditation, writing personal essays and more!

Below are the Workshops that Theatre Within facilitates in collaboration with Red Door Community:

Kids Workshops: 

John Lennon Real Love Project with Mel Johnston 

MAD Art with Sam Viviano

Cartooning with Matt with Matt Lassen

Adult Workshops:

John Lennon Real Love Project with Scott Bierko or Tony Coniff

MAD Art with Sam Viviano

Embracing Creative Path: A Circle of friends -Joe Raiola

Cartooning As Self-Expression with Matt Lassen 

Writing and Mindfulness with Roohi Choudhry 

Writing Personal Essays with Stacy Pershall 

Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy with David Fino 

Creating Personal Monologues with Shauna Kanter 

Loving Kindness Meditation and Dialogue (formerly Meditation as the Still Point) with Susan Bissonnette

Meditation and Unconditional Happiness with Ryushin Marchaj

To sign up for & learn more about these workshops, please visit our Member Program Calendar here.

To learn more about Theatre Within’s Workshop Facilitators please visit their bios here.

Thank you to all the Workshop Facilitators at Theatre Within!
We are so grateful for you and the work that you do for our Community!